Patricia Isen’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in the Upper West Side

Patricia Isen’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in the Upper West Side

  • Patricia Isen
  • 04/11/23

Selling your Upper West Side home shouldn't be a challenge, as the neighbourhood has plenty of appeal, thanks to its landscape of impressively modernized coops and condominiums. With such stunning properties, you should expect plenty of interest from prospective buyers. Even so, tackling the selling process on your own can make your real estate journey seem much more daunting.

Thankfully, with an expert by your side, you can sell without all the stress. Esteemed agent Patricia Isen is well-versed in the New York City housing scene and is ready to provide expert guidance to sell your gorgeous home quickly and for higher offers. Read on for some top tips.

Selling your Upper West Side home

The Upper West Side offers outstanding city skyline views, a short distance to numerous attractions, and fantastic shopping spots that promise an exciting lifestyle. Close to Central Park and the Hudson River, there is so much to do and see. With must-visit spots like the Metropolitan Opera House, the American Museum of Natural History, the Beacon Theatre, and Strawberry Fields, the Upper West Side offers no shortage of intrigue and amazement.

If you are the proud owner of Upper West Side real estate, you already know that the neighbourhood has much to offer. The homes are beautiful, with cozy dens, high ceilings, and elegant fireplaces. The decision to move away from such a coveted community is difficult at best. Before you begin your selling journey, remember to take a few moments to consider your situation and make that final determination on whether or not you’re ready to sell your beloved home.

If you are ready to make that step, Patricia is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Expertly prepare your home for success

Once you have made that all-important final decision to sell your home, you will need to begin preparations so that your property looks picture-perfect. Take an objective look around and view your home as if you are seeing it for the first time. Make a note of the areas you like the best and any areas that could use improvement.

Undoubtedly, your home already features architectural details and amenities that will impress buyers, but you want to highlight all the little things that make your home truly astounding. Make a note of the crown molding, the custom library room, and the amazing views out of the windows. These are the features that will get your home noticed, and you want to highlight these to create a show-stopping space that buyers feel connected to.

Curbside views

Take a step back, and look at the property from the curb. Does it look inviting, cozy, and well-kept? The exterior of your property will set the stage for the rest of the tour, and you want to create a sense of allure and luxury. After all, the goal is for prospective buyers to fall in love with the home from the very beginning.

Before each showing, sweep the steps and ensure that your home’s appearance is in top condition. Pressure washing the facade can reveal a whole new color and give new life to the home. Set small containers of flowers out to make the entryway more inviting. Make sure the windows are clean and clear, and place a wreath or other charming decoration on the front door.


Making sure that the whole property is spotless is the number one preparation that sells a home. Take your time to organize each space, cleaning thoroughly in every corner and on every surface in an effort to make your home look as close to brand new as possible. Before a showing, wipe down the kitchen counters with a cut lemon for a nice citrus smell. Overall, you want to show off a pristinely perfect home that’s been well cared for, with sparkling marble countertops, shining wood floors, and no dust bunnies to speak of.


As you were cleaning, did you notice something was in need of repair? Now is the time to address any broken fixtures, remove stained carpeting, and re-paint the walls in a fresh new shade. A new coat of paint can give a vibrant sense of life to a space; consider using a neutral color palette throughout the home, which will align well with nearly any decor choices and photograph beautifully. Make sure to remove nails and screws used to mount wall art, and cover up the holes.

It’s often a great idea to have a pre-listing inspection performed. In this process, a professional inspector will thoroughly evaluate the property inside and out, providing an inspection report detailing any areas of concern you might want to attend to before listing your Upper West Side home for sale. This will allow you to ensure your property is in truly amazing condition before it debuts on the market.

Upgrading features

Updating your appliances, fixtures, and even thermostats can be a big selling point. Spending the funds to upgrade the bathroom with more energy-efficient and water-saving devices can provide the next homeowner with a reduced utility cost. These buyer incentives can help your home stand out above all the rest. Patricia can advise you on which upgrades or renovations will most likely lead to the highest return on your investment.


Before you’re ready to open the doors to potential buyers, there are still a few adjustments and considerations to make. First, you want to create an inviting space with expert staging techniques. Staging involves rearranging furniture, selecting coordinated decor and artistic elements, and giving each room an intended sense of purpose and function. You want your design and flair to flow well from room to room, with effective staging that showcases everything that makes your home most appealing. The goal is for buyers to feel connected to the home, compelling them to make higher offers.

Professional photography

To garner interest in your Upper West Side home, you want your photos to grab the attention of buyers as they peruse online listing sites. With beautiful photographs center stage, buyers will be less likely to scroll past your listing, and they may click for more information or decide to set up a tour.

Consult with an expert real estate photographer who has the tools and skillset to photograph spacious luxury homes effectively. You want these photographs to capture all your property’s interesting architectural details, from the soaring ceilings and custom walk-in closets to the expansive walls of windows with the city skyline in view. Ultimately, you want to show off listing photographs that define your home’s most intriguing elements. 

Open houses and tours

Patricia will schedule, coordinate, and host open houses and private tours to connect your property with serious buyers. She will professionally represent you at every turn, providing prospective buyers with detailed information, answering questions, and serving as a vital resource for those interested in your property.

Accepting offers

You've made it through the renovation, cleaning, and showing stages, and finally, you receive the great news that there has been an offer on your beloved home. Patricia will help you understand the terms of the offer and walk you through the negotiation process if you’d like to make a counteroffer. At every point, she will work on your behalf with your goals front and center.


At the closing table, Patricia will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that everything is on track. All the paperwork, funds, and titles will be produced, drawn up, and signed for the last time. Before you know it, you’ll be moving on to the next exciting chapter in your life.

Team up with Patricia Isen 

If you’re aiming to sell for higher offers, work with a professional who promises exceptional service, endless dedication, and insightful market knowledge. Born and raised in New York, Patricia Isen is a leading agent who knows the ins and outs of luxury homes all over the Big Apple. So, when you’re ready to list your gorgeous home for sale on the Upper West Side, contact Patricia Isen at Douglas Elliman to begin your journey.

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